David got his start in San Francisco, where he worked at Colossal Pictures as a production designer on various projects including stop-motion shows for MTV's Liquid Television. Since then he has worked as a freelance illustrator, cartoon designer, writer, and animation director. Past projects include creating, co-writing, and producing Kung Fu Spy Troll, an animated pilot for Nickelodeon, creating on-line animated projects with Cartoon Network, creating and directing a 24 episode web series for Wildbrain.com, and creating many children's comics for Nickelodeon Magazine. His freelance illustration clients include Sony, Spin Magazine, Levi's and ArtRock Posters. David enrolled in many cartooning classes as a child, which helped to inspire his artistic dreams. He is currently working as a cartooning and art teacher with Parker-Anderson Enrichment Program to help empower children with their own unique creative talents and inspire self-confidence through art. He is also currently creating animated youtube cartoons for Dreamworks TV. He looks forward to another exciting summer at The Art Academy!