We are so excited to welcome our campers back to Art Camp this summer! We continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation and engage Covid-19 mitigation strategies, but these do not impact the fun and enthusiasm of camp. Please take a moment to review the information below. These FAQs answer the questions parents and campers ask most often. If you have any additional questions or concerns that aren’t addressed here, please call us at 818-523-7576 and we will be happy to help!

Are parents allowed on campus?
All drop off and pickup will be done "curbside". If you need to drop off your child late (or pick them up early), please arrange with the camp office and bring them inside campus (you can park and walk in OR we can bring your child out to the parking lot). Additional information about drop off & pickup will be sent out via email before camp.
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Are masks required?
No. Masking is completely optional.
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What are your policies on makeup days, refunds, travel guidelines, camp closures, missed days, sick days, COVID19 protocols etc?
Please take a moment to review our  Art Camp Policies Agreement and our COVID-19 Information Packet

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Where is Art Camp getting it's information and guidance from?
The Art Camp is monitoring and following recommended protocols from The LA County Department of Heath, The Stae of California, CDC, The American Camp Association and locial officials. We will continue to update you via email (and this webpage) with new information as it is released.

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What changes should I expect?
We have worked hard to create an environment for this summer that is fun, spirited, creative and safe. We have made a few modifications in order to do so.

For lunch and snack time, group tables will be separated around campus. We have additional outdoor handwashing stations, portable air filtration systems in each room and plenty of hand sanitizer ready to go!
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Are you having sleepovers?
YES! We are offering THREE weekend camper events! Kids night out (4pm-9pm): Juy 8th, Camp Sleepover July 22nd -23rd, and Kids day out (11am- 4pm) August 5th.   

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What about the 1st Aid Office?
Each group's counselor will have a "mobile" first aid kit with minor injury relief. If your child requires more care, their Unit Leader will be notified and can assist the camper. If your child is sick or has an injury requiring medical attention, we will call you. Please make sure to pick up your child immediately if we determine that is needed.

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How will you handle supplies?
Campers will each use their own individual supplies as much as possible. For example, in a "LEGO mania" class, each child would get their own LEGO kit to build with. If there is a need for shared supplies, we would portion that out per child. For example, if we have one large jug of glue, each child would get a little plate with their glue on it (passed out by their counselor). Additionally, we will encourage kids to wash hands throughout the day!

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How do lunch and recess work?
For all of our break times, we will split up in half. Half the camp will eat, the other half will play. For example, at lunchtime, Groups 1-8 will eat first. Each group will have 1-2 group tables. While they are eating, Groups 9-17 are playing. Then, we will switch.
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Are there any restrictions?
No. But we ask that you, our camp families, be mindful of your activities and choices for the week before your session start date (and during your time at Art Camp). Please understand that in order for Art Camp to work, we have to work together. Please avoid large group gatherings, additional playdates, vacations etc. If your child is feeling sick, please do not send them to camp. Art Camp is a community and we all want your children to have the best summer ever so we kindly ask for your help in this.

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Which Group should I pick for my child?
We have recommended grades so that campers can be placed into groups with other kids their same age & maturity level. (These are grade levels that the kids are going INTO in the fall)

ART CAMP 101: Groups 1, 2 , 3 & 4
Group 1 (Cheddar): KINDERGARTEN
Group 2 (Swiss): KINDERGARTEN
Group 3 (Bleu): KINDERGARTEN
Group 4 (Parmesan): KINDERGARTEN

JUNIOR CAMP: Groups 5, 6, 7 & 8

UPPER CAMP: Groups 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

TEEN CAMP: Group 18 
Group 18: SIXTH GRADE & UP

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Who are the Directors?
Jenn: Art Camp Director
Deborah: Art Camp 101 Director
Skyler: Director of Entertainment
Ashley: Art Camp Owner
Additionally, Jodi will step into the team as out Assistant Director (specifically working with the CITs and JCITs) Check out our ABOUT US page for more info on our fabulous director team!

If I have friends at the Art Camp, will I be in the same group with them?
If you have a friend you wanted to attend camp with, we will make every effort to put you with that friend. When you enroll in camp, simply select the same weeks & group number. Then you will be together all day! HHowever, if the group is full, we can't open up extra spots. If the requested is group is full, don't worry! Our amazing staff will absolutely help you make new friends and enjoy camp no matter what!
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If I bought a camp t-shirt or hat when will I get it?
If you purchased a t-shirt or hat you will be given that at the beginning of first day you attend the Art Camp. If you have not purchased a shirt or hat you can do so at anytime.
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How will I know where my activities are?
Your group stays together all day long! You simply follow your counselor to each activity!
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What happens during snack/lunch times?
We have two snack breaks and 1 lunch break throughout the day. You will have time to eat your snack or lunch as well as time to play on our yard with your group.

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Do we ever go swimming or take any trips?
No, we do not have pools at camp and we do not take field trips. However, we do a lot of water play on warm days! We will email your parents each Sunday and let them know if they need to pack towels or extra clothes for water play days.
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Can I bring electronics to camp?
No, you are NOT allowed to bring any type of electronic items to camp. This includes phones, apple watches and ipads.
Should you bring one of these items to camp, they will be kept in the camp office until camp is over. The Art Camp is not responsible for ANY lost or stolen electronic items of any kind.
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What are the Camp Dates & Rates?
WEEK 1: June 19- June 23
WEEK 2: June 26- June 30
WEEK 3: July 3- July 7
WEEK 4: July 10- July 14
WEEK 5: July 17- July 21
WEEK 6: July 24- July 28
WEEK 7: July 31- August 4
WEEK 8: August 7- August 11
Our Tutition Fee is $550 per week, per camper.
*There is no camp on Monday July 4th (That week will have a reduced price rate of $440)
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When is my payment due?
Full tuition is due by May 31, 2023.
You must have a valid credit or debit card to complete the application process. If you elect to pay by check, we can hold your spot in camp for 1 week ONLY from the date you submit your application! If your check is not recieved within 1 week from that date your childs spot in camp will be released to another camper.
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Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, a weekly 5% discount is offered for each additional child enrolled in the SAME week from the same immediate family.
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What is your dismissal policy?
In order to provide a positive experience for all students, the Art Camp maintains the right to dismiss any child. Cooperation and mutual respect are mandatory requirements of our program.

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What if my child does not like an activity?
While The Art Camp strives to make Camp enjoyable for all campers, satisfaction with a workshop is subjective on the part of the child and the parent. Therefore, it is understood and agreed that The Art Camp cannot and does not guarantee or warrant any campers' satisfaction with the workshops they have chosen. Campers are not able to change worshops or groups within the current camp week. If they want to make changes to future weeks, and we have room, we can accomodate that.
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What if my child is attending camp alone?
Our camp counselors are AMAZING friendmakers and will help them adjust and enjoy their time at camp!
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Are you open July 4th?
The Art Camp will NOT have camp on the 4th of July.
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What if my child wants to attend additional weeks?
If space is available, no problem. Simply call our office or send Ashley an email to enroll!
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What if my child loses something at camp?
Please do not send anything to camp that is not replaceable and please put your child's name on everything! Our counselors do a very good job at trying to make sure nothing is left behind, but things do sometimes get left. If you return home and realize your child forgot something, please contact us as soon as possible so we can make every effort to get it to you. Items will be kept for one week in the Lost & Found when camp is over then donated to a local charity.
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What if I need to reach my child at camp?
We want to work with you to make this experience a great one for your camper we will call you if any of the following occur: Your child is very upset, your child is ill or injured and requires anything more than a Band-aid or an ice pack, there is anything we would like to discuss with you (behavior issues, medication doses, etc.). In case of an emergency at home (when you have to talk to your child), please call the camp office. Please use this option only in the case of emergencies.
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What is your tax ID number/ EIN?
Our EIN is 47-4975089.
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“What is art? It is not just nature, it is nurtured nature.
It is intelligence applied to what physical ability you have.”
- Rudolph Nureyev